Accommodation near Sunway Medical Centre, Malaysia

Accommodation near Sunway Medical Centre, Malaysia

We understand how stressful, and expensive, traveling for cancer treatment can be. You may confuse where to find comfortable accommodation that near the hospital for saving time and energy as well as supermarket/restaurant for your daily needs. 

Sunway Resort Suites is a way out for you! It is 10 minutes away from the Sunway Medical Centre. Not only near the hospital, Sunway Resort Suites is next to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and the Guest has the direct access the mall.

Moreover, Sunway Resort Suites is a smoke-free apartment (hotel) with every floor and enclosed public areas being Smoke-Free Zones. Smoking is only permitted in outdoor Designated Smoking Areas.

Sunway Resort Suites always provide and ensure a safe environtment & great facilities:

○ All rooms come with option of city skyline view or Sunway Lagoon view. 

○ The hotel rooms are prepped with modern contemporary decoration feature and each of the room has its own kitchen with cooking facilities. 

○ A private lobby 

○ Secured key-card elevator access 

○ Over 6,500 indoor & open-air parking bays (managed by Sunway Pyramid Car Park Management) 

○ 24-hour security 

○ Launderette facilities ( A minimal fee is required) 

○ Gymnasium 

○ An exclusive private lounge – Lounge on Twelve Reading area in the private lounge Wi-Fi access in selected public areas 

○ In-resort scheduled shuttle services 

Sunway Medical Centre for Cancer Treatment

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Even within the same cancer type, treatment planning can be very different for different individuals. Sunway Medical Centre always ensure that their treatments are personalised, clinically recognised, research and result driven, and able to get patients back to their feet in as little time, cost, and discomfort as possible.

Sunway Medical Centre continually see that their treatment options and programmes are the most wide ranging, advanced, and safe that patients can find. The Centre is equipped with the latest chemo drugs, radiotherapy technologies, along with success-rate proven experience in modern treatment methods from targeted therapy, interventional radiology, targeted radionuclide therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, cryotherapy, and surgery, to less robust programmes such as observation and monitoring. (Source)


Sunway Medical Centre for Total Knee Replacement

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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF TKR? TKR increases your mobility, relieves pain and corrects deformity.

WHEN DO YOU NEED A TKR? If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury, if you find it hard to perform simple daily activities such as walking or climbing stairs, if you feel pain and stiff when you sit or lie down, if you have chronic knee inflammation and swelling that does not improve with rest or medications, if you have knee deformity, and if non-surgical treatments such as medications and walking support are no longer working, you may want to consider TKR.

HOW LONG CAN IT LAST? 15 years is the average duration for 90% of the cases.

WHAT IS THE RECOVERY PROCESS DURATION? With the availability of advanced technology, the average stay in the hospital is 3-5 days and most patients should be able to walk without assistance 2-4 weeks after surgery. Physical therapy will begin generally one to two days after surgery. You should expect six weeks or more of physical therapy before you can completely resume normal activities. In general, however, you should be able to partake in certain low-impact activities within a few weeks.

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS FROM TKR SURGERY? The complication rate following knee replacement is low as knee replacements have emerged as a mainstream surgery. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), serious complications include infection, stiffness and pain, wound problems and medical problems.

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